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Please watch my YouTube video to learn about my philosophies and business experiences. Click on the link to watch the video: . If you are struggling to have it all, I will be your guide through this crazy, amazing, and challenging professional journey.

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Immediate Feedback

30 minute Power Chat:

This is for the professional ready to get! Get the answer to your most pressing question. Maybe you do not want long-term consulting, but just need a little advice. This is the option for you! Sign up to power chat with Dr. Knowles today. Call 517-332-1000 to schedule an appointment.  Skype or phone in.

Fee: $125

Conference Retreat

One Day or One Weekend Conference Retreat

Let Dr. Knowles and her colleagues provide a one day or two day adventure for your entire team. With work and play at the forefront, Dr. Knowles will energize you and your team with an experience you will not forget. Because it’s all about you, you will design this retreat together. It will focus on several areas including hidden clinical opportunities, communication camp tips, personal development, social media shortcuts, and other team needed training. Or, you can let Dr. Knowles plan it all based on her conversations with you and your team needs. The retreat can be based on clinical needs or practice management needs. Freedom to choose—that’s what this retreat is all about. Arrive Thursday or Friday night, and leave Saturday or Sunday. With Dr. Knowles, there is always time for work and play. Plan your rejuvenating experience today. You and your team deserve this!

Fee: Varies based on number of team members. Call to discuss dates, options, and fees: 517-332-1000.


One Weekend Doctors Group Leadership Retreat

Geared specifically for the practicing doctor. We all learn differently, and most of us learn a lot about the body, but little about leadership and personal development. Dr. Knowles firmly believes in personal development to assure long term prosperity and health. This retreat infuses business betterment concepts, customer service updates, and personal wellness development. By the end of two days, you will know other colleagues, feel rejuvenated, and be ready to return to the needs of your team and patients. Fill up once a year with knowledge, camaraderie, and well-deserved indulgence.

Full Service Consulting

One Day In Your Shoes:

Dr. Knowles will drive or fly in to shadow you and facilitate team discussions for your practice/business for one full day. If you have a specific weak area in your practice/business that needs attention (such as collections, team conflicts, systems redesign, clinical struggles. leadership, balance), this is a great way to get personal, hands on attention and get back on track quickly. She will answer questions, offer opinions, and supply a written analysis of her personal observations and suggestions. This includes one follow up employee/management coaching session, and 12 coaching calls throughout the year to follow up and make sure your team and its leadership is functioning as desired. This is the best way to jump start your business and take it to the next level. More year long coaching (beyond 12 calls) is available if desired. (Call 517-332-1000 to inquire about these services. Please leave a detailed message if needed. Or, return the form below to get more information).

Track one: Marketing Analysis—Knowing your Business so Others Can, Too.

Track two: Leadership Analysis—Why the Big Kahuna Matters Most

Track three: Business & Pleasure—Know the Numbers, Know How to Relax

Track four: Employee Relations—Team Takes It All

Track five: Custom Designed—Takes Into Account Individual, Off-The-Beaten-Path Concepts

Fee: Varies based on number of team members and organizational needs. Call to discuss dates, options, and fees at 517-331-3688.


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