Improving Outcomes and Incomes


You need balance like I do. But, how do you manage so many things and do them well? I could tell you how easy it is and how my one magic bullet will solve all of your problems. But, that would be fibbing if not outright lying. The truth is, it takes a holistic approach to own a business or be a successful professional. You cannot solely focus on your numbers and have success, nor can you solely focus on your clinical skills and expect success. You cannot ignore your business to tend to every family need or want. You must balance your business life and your personal lifestyle.

I have the unique ability to recognize your blind spots because I have experience in four crucial areas: business, communication, clinical competency, and health. And, I have plenty of blind spots myself. I asked for help to see them. You can, too.

After graduating from the University of Michigan School of Dentistry and finishing my general practice residency at the VA Medical Center, I worked in several practices as an associate. Then, I purchased my own practice in 2005. By 2007, Michigan was in a full recession, yet my practice continued to thrive with adaptive strategies and an emphasis on patient care and whole health dentistry. However, during the recession, my body and my mind began to wear out. With hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, and two small children under the age of five, I finally realized some things had to change. My business was very profitable, my patient outcomes were tremendous, but I accomplished this by sacrificing myself. Big error. My neck began to ache more frequently, my family became second in priority, and I lost my zest for helping others.

The strategies I applied to my situation saved my family life, my practice, and my health. Now, I want to share those strategies with you because we have worked too hard to lose the crucial things in our lives that matter so much: our families, our health, and our professional goals. You can have it all–better outcomes with your life and with your patients–and a better income to accomplish the things you desire.


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