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Dr. Knowles is known for her thought provoking speaking style that not only engages audiences, but also entertains them with humorous real life experiences. Click below to review her speaker packet and to make a speaking request.


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From a thirty minute conversation to an all-day office retreat, Dr. Knowles has the type of service you need.  Click below to learn more and power chat with Dr. Knowles today.


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Read about Dr. Knowles latest on-line services, writings, and features. Click below to see what you may need to help your business succeed.



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After graduating from the University of Michigan School of Dentistry and finishing my general practice residency at the VA Medical Center, I worked in several practices as an associate. Then, I purchased my own practice in 2005. By 2007, Michigan was in a full recession, yet my practice continued to thrive with adaptive strategies and an emphasis on patient care and whole health dentistry. However, during the recession, my body and my mind began to wear out. With hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, and two small children under the age of five, I finally realized some things had to change, or I would not live to see retirement, let along enjoy it. My business was very profitable, my patient outcomes were tremendous, but I accomplished this by sacrificing myself. Big error. My marriage began to crumble, my neck began to ache more frequently, and I lost my zest for helping others. READ MORE


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It’s almost 2017! Did you meet your goals? Exceed them? How about the goal of taking better care of yourself? Maybe you wanted to lose that nagging ten extra pounds that found you–or perhaps you wanted to take a week long vacation along the banks...

Open the doors, and patients will come on in. We will give them clean, restored, and beautiful teeth. How hard can it be? I grew up in a retail household. Then, I worked in a retail clothing store throughout high school and college. I knew...

September 23, 2016Why You Need A Mentor


Mentors: Another One of Life’s Gifts: Just when I stopped believing in myself, I found a mentor. I talked myself out of submitting every article I wrote. I questioned my abilities as a writer, and when I look back, I really should have questioned my...

August 4, 2016Why To Keep Flossing

Calculus Photo

This is a banner week for dentists. We have been able to talk about flossing more this week than in any time in our lives. Flossing is the hot dental topic of the week. It started with the great investigative journalism by the Associated Press....

ask or acquiesce

  Decisions, decisions. It’s hard to decide what to do sometimes in the professional world. As a dentist and entrepreneur, I find decision making to be a daunting task for many people. It’s easy to get stuck and make no decision. It’s easy to play...

Dr. Stressed. imagegpng

                            Cope. How do you cope? How do you deal with the day-to-day stress that inevitably finds you? Do you drink? Do you smoke? Do you over-exercise? Do you binge eat? Do...

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