YOGA: Just TRY it! Happy Holidays!

19 Dec YOGA: Just TRY it! Happy Holidays!


It’s almost 2017! Did you meet your goals? Exceed them? How about the goal of taking better care of yourself? Maybe you wanted to lose that nagging ten extra pounds that found you–or perhaps you wanted to take a week long vacation along the banks of a quiet trout stream. Whatever the goal might have been, the end of the year is a good time to assess what you accomplished and what should be placed on the 2017 try again list.

One thing I come back to again and again, as I take time to write down goals for the upcoming year, is the usefulness of the practice of yoga and meditation. Without the instructors who taught me how to incorporate these things into my life, I would be nearly crippled with physical pain, I would have had a few surgeries by now, and I would have driven myself crazy with stress and self-induced anxiety. We practice dentistry, and I never thought about practicing something like yoga. Yet, now almost ten years later, after a debilitating shoulder strain, I find myself so thankful for the gifts (and people) I was given to help me heal through those rough times.

As a gift to you this holiday season, I want to share more about yoga and a few specific postures/poses that you may find helpful while practicing dentistry. I hope this YouTube video will inspire you to let your guard now, find a yoga studio, and learn something you may not be good at during the holiday season. I interviewed Dr. David Hennington, a dentist and yoga instructor from Texas. He offers his best dental and yoga tips for anyone willing to add one more tool into his or her toolbox. It may not be something you love, but if your family loves that you do it, or if your team members say you are more balanced when you do it, or if your pain goes away when you do it, or if you can offer this option to some of your patients with pain and stress, then maybe it is worth your time and effort. I hope you try it.

Here is the link to the video:

Have a happy and healthy holiday! Be prosperous and productive in 2017!


Dr. Lisa Knowles is a practicing dentist in Michigan. She graduated from Alma College with a Communication degree, and then later pursued her dental degree at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry. She writes for several dental trade journals and encourages all of her colleagues to think beyond their patients’ 32 teeth. She speaks internationally on the topics of Communication Effectiveness, Business & Leadership Development, Eco-Friendly Dentistry Strategies, and Oral & Systemic Health Connections. Contact her at 




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