Star Wars-Day 7: Use the Force–It is In You

22 Dec Star Wars-Day 7: Use the Force–It is In You


It often takes another person to show us the force. In the final episode of Star Wars, episode VI, Luke and Leia Skywalker (long lost twins separated at birth) finally speak to each other about being related. Luke tells Leia that she has the force, too, because of her bloodline. She says to him, “I think I knew this all along,” In other words, she knew it, but did not use it until someone told her she had it in her. My parting words to you are these: You have the force. Use it.

It’s in all of us. We forget. We deny. We resist the desire to believe in something as esoteric as mind training. Once broken down, however, it’s not as esoteric as it seems. Our parents started mind training with us long, long ago. It’s time to unlearn some of our limiting thoughts, and trust that we will know which ones to keep and which ones to discard. We will need guides. I am thankful for my mind trainers in the form of yogis and meditation coaches as well as in the form of dental faculty/administrators and key mentors.


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