Use the Force–Live In the Moment: Star Wars Day 2

17 Dec Use the Force–Live In the Moment: Star Wars Day 2


Learn to focus and live in the moment. In Star Wars episode V, The Empire Strikes Back, Yoda (a wise Jedi Master coincidentally named closely to the word yoga) attempts to train Luke Skywalker to become a Jedi. He is learning to focus, concentrate, and sense things. Yoda says, “Never his mind on where he was. Always looking to the future,” I had the same problem, until I started to meditate. Meditation forced me to be in the present moment. Right here. Right now. A partial goal of meditation is to have limited thoughts enter into one’s mind, and if they do, they are allowed to pass through easily. As with Luke, I found this mind training to be incredibly difficult. Our minds never shut off, unless we intentionally train them to do so. This is often accomplished by learning to focus on the breath—inhales and exhales. A deep focus is placed on the breath until the noise, the chatter, fades away and all we can hear is our own rhythmic breathing. It is so calming, so clarifying. Being able to shut down my mind and limit the number of thoughts that randomly appear, in no order, in limitless numbers, proves to be an enormously freeing feeling. By doing this, I can be in the present moment and keep my mind where it’s supposed to be—on most days. Again, I am a striving master—not a perfect one.

May the force be with you always!



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