How To Rule Food & Avoid Dental Problems

09 Dec How To Rule Food & Avoid Dental Problems

Want to avoid dental problems and keep your teeth forever? Don’t miss my final post based on my interview with Karen Le Billon, amazing author of French Kids Eat Everything and Getting To Yum. This time I made a video blog (a.k.a. VLOG). Listen to the seaside waves, and learn about the Karen’s rules to help you rule food in your household. I also add in my dental implications from not eating a healthy diet. If you want to have good teeth, avoid dental problems,  and keep your teeth for a lifetime, follow these food rules, and you will have a better chance of keeping your teeth naturally.  Enjoy! (It’s only 8 minutes).

Top 10 Food Rules by Karen Le Billon–as listed in her book, French Kids Eat Everything:

1. Parents, you are in charge of food education

2. Avoid emotional eating (no food rewards, bribes, etc.).

3. Parents schedule meals and menus. Kids eat what adults eat. No short order cooking.

4. Eat family meals together. No distractions.

5. Eat your veggies. Think variety.

6. You don’t have to like it, but you do have to taste it.

7. No snacking (it’s ok to feel hungry between meals).

8. Slow food is happy food (as in eat slowly).

9. Eat mostly real food. (save sweets for special occasions).

10. Remember, eating is joyful!


Disclaimer: It is always recommended to follow the advice of your physician. This information is not intended to replace the directions of your healthcare professional. Always ask your physician for the best diet for your child or for yourself. 

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