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11 Dec Level Off


Balance. Somewhere between nearly dead and lit on fire. Almost everyone affects our personal life balance. How we react to those people and demands often determines how close we remain to center. Listen to your body to know where you are on the continuum. Headaches? Chest tightness? GI upset? Consider this a warning light. Slow it down…retreat into yourself for a bit. Return ready to tackle another project, another gift to buy, or another party to attend. 

Unusually sad? Feeling isolated? Consider this a warning light, too. Call a friend, neighbor, or relative and ask if they would mind some company over the holidays. In light of a recent tragedy ending two innocent church members’ lives, our pastor reminded us that sometimes we need to hold the hope up for others at certain times in their lives, until they are ready to grab it back again.

Life is short enough. Let’s not make it any shorter this holiday season. I wanted to remind everyone of a sad, but real truth: risks of heart attacks increase around the holidays. To medical doctors, it’s a bit of an enigma as to why such statistics rise. Although I have no more proof than the medical doctors, I believe those who lack a purpose and lack love in their hearts, find it harder to keep their heart ticking during the holidays when the memories of yesteryear flood back. Additionally, many stress studies prove that the anxiety and anguish brought on by a tragedy returns at the same intensity if someone just thinks about the past event. Holidays often rustle up those unpleasant past memories. http://www.webmd.com/heart/features/the-truth-behind-more-holiday-heart-attacks

Underestimating your needs is easy to do. Really, though, please take the time you need today to level off. It may mean taking time to be alone and re-group, or it may mean it’s time to join a group. For those of us in the dental profession, it often feels like we live in a life of extremes. One moment we are so busy trying to manage our patients, our offices, our schedules, and the next moment, we are alone and sorry we spent so much time at our offices and missed events at home with our family.

Moving in and out of the extremes is always crucial for me. There are times it’s consuming at work, and that lonely bug hits me. What is important is that I listen to that bug, move back towards center (back towards family and friends) and level off. It is a constant effort to remain in equilibrium. The better I get at listening to my body and that bug in my ear, the faster and easier it gets for me to remain in balance. Balance is good for your mind and good for your body. Living in the extremes too long is dangerous for anyone’s health.

May you be bold and ask for some love this holiday season when you need it. (We ALL need it). May you be bold and prioritize yourself this holiday season when you need it. And, may we all live long and strong into 2014!

Thank you for the opportunity to help me level off today. Writing is my equalizer, and although I did not get EVERYTHING off my chest, I did ease the tightness I was feeling IN my chest. Writing is therapeutic, and I would encourage anyone to give it a try. 


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