It’s Here!

24 Sep It’s Here!

My first blog post. I guess I better describe what a blog is. I have been asked that numerously, and especially for my 94-year old neighbor who could not find B-L-O-G in her dictionary. The derivation comes from web log…a way to log what you write on the web. The two-word phrase turned into blog–short for web blog. Really, this is nothing more than a fancy journal for my new business IntentionalDental Consulting. Blogs used to be a simple place to write thoughts. These thoughts could then be published “out there” on the world wide web for many possible eyes to read. The craze caught on and now there more than 42,000,000 blogs.

For a writer, this is a playground and a place to share thoughts about…anything. For me, this is my place to express opinions (as many of you know I like to do). Yet, it is more than that: It is a place to receive feedback about my opinions or others’ opinions who comment on my blog posts, or engage in an opinion polls, or exchange a love swap story. It is a place to learn, share and grow professionally for all of us.

I am a lifelong learner. Occasionally I am wrong about things (just ask my husband or recent staff members–not very often, but occasionally). The anticipated exchange that I hope to foster on this site centers on learning with one another. I find that people will assert themselves through writing more often than with spoken words. Words can be permanent, damaging, and offensive–and once off the lips, they are gone forever. Writing words is different. These words can be edited, more thought out, and researched. For people like me, even though I love to talk, I find writing more comfortable, and I have the chance to truly express what I mean because I have the time to collect my thoughts and the option to delete my words when needed.

I hope this site inspires you to write more. As we write more, we take the time to think and reflect about what is important to us.My Grandfather always said I liked to burn the candle at both ends. When I write, I force myself to slow down and do one thing at a time. These days, I usually have two or three candles burning at both ends. I am thankful for writing and blog sites to help me slow it down. I hope it does the same for you. Keep dreaming. Keep blogging. Keep writing. I will be here.

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