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22 Sep Dental Sentinel

From the beginning, it’s been my calling to look after the underdog. I am pretty sure I learned this from my Dad—and maybe there’s also some type of genetic predisposition. My Dad has many soft spots in his heart for those who have less or seem disadvantaged in some way.

My siblings can attest to the inordinate amount of time we spent waiting for my Dad to stop talking to, helping, or thinking of others. As a child, this is torture. As an adult, my children now “suffer” similarly. And, that’s o.k. I know they will get it some day as I now do.

For my profession, the Dental Sentinel seemed like an appropriate title. It’s the place on my blog where topics will be considered, where both sides of the coin will be evaluated, and where normal, everyday thinking will be questioned. It will be subjective, although backed with facts and data to cause reflective thoughts.

In my observations, I find today’s decisions often driven by capitalistic thinking. I am all for capitalism, and at the same time, I think there needs to be a balance in our society between capitalistic thinking and humanistic thinking. For healthcare, this is essential.

For the next several weeks, I will begin to debate how these two ways of thinking can be blended to promote better health, better financial responsibility, and better collaboration within our current healthcare system. If you have thoughts on this, please leave your comments below so that we can explore them together in the future. Let’s learn.

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